Onsite Property Management

As the onsite Property Managers, we share a common goal with all our property owners – to achieve the best possible return for our financial investment. Our approach to property management is to treat your investment as if it were our own. We pride ourselves on keeping you informed about necessary maintenance and recommend improvements if necessary.

In our role as resident Building and Property Managers here at Parc Apartments we live onsite and are very involved in the daily operations of the building. As a result of this, we have close relationships with all residents and look to build a community feeling. Dealing with the Body Corporate committee on a daily basis enables us to make requests on behalf of our owners and tenants.

We manage over 80% of the rental properties in the complex and offer a unique approach to property management. Through doing this we have developed relationships with many tradesmen who are familiar with each apartment and its layout. Below is a detailed look at how our property management services differ from those offered by other real estate agents.


Onsite Property Manager Off site Property Manager
Reside at the complex and on call 24 hours 7 days Available during office hours at office
Operates a Property Management business onsite focusing only on 1 building Employed to manage various properties in various suburbs
Has a vested financial interest in the proper management and operation of the complex No financial interest vested
An owner of a unit as well as a member of the body corporate – contributes financially to the strata levies No involvement or investment in the complex
Residents and tenants deal directly with the property manager Involvement of administrative staff
Unique orientation of the complex, its amenities and the apartment features/appliances Will usually give prospective tenants a number of keys so they can drive around and inspect properties
A vested interest, for sake of harmony in complex and because manager will be neighbours of the owners and tenants Keys are released to tenants during an appointment at the office
Personally invested in ensuring peace & harmony in complex as the property manager lives onsite Unaware of peace & harmony of the complex
Able to monitor behaviour and activity of tenants and speak to tenant or call police if required Reliant on notification from onsite manager. Able to respond after the fact
Observes and is aware of those coming and going to and from your unit Reliant on notification from onsite manager. Able to respond after the fact
Able to observe breaches such as pets in units Reliant on notification from onsite manager. Able to respond after the fact
Responds to tenants lock outs at no charge to the owner Can only respond during office hours at a cost
Routine inspections in conjunction with cleaning activities, ensuring problems are addressed promptly Can only respond when a problem is reported
Prompt rectification of reported problems in the unit Need to engage a tradesman for all issues reported at the owner’s expense
Need to engage a tradesman at the owner’s expense Can only respond when a problem is reported
Able to supervise and co-ordinate tradesmen working in your unit, with minimum impact on tenants Unlikely to provide this service
Will keep you informed about the complex, its performance and condition Does not have detailed knowledge to provide this advice
Responsible for the caretaking and presentation of the complex No involvement
Property Management listings are limited Parc Apartments Your unit will be one of hundreds being handled by the office, with little incentive to focus on yours

In summary, the onsite caretaking and letting manager is committed to looking after the owners’ and the manager’s investment. They are in the best position to do that and an off-site agent cannot compete with the level of service for both owners and tenants.